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Pikkunorsu is a cute little poster shop, offering you the posters and postcards based on the most beloved children's songs. Along with the music-inspired designs, our catalogue also includes other products featuring the “pikkunorsu” (little elephant) and his sweet animal friends.

The posters are available in two sizes; 21x30 cm and 30x40 cm. The postcards are one-sided and sized 12x17 cm (the envelope is included). They fit the most common frames (e.g. the Ikea ones). The frames are not included in the order.

The products are despatched within 5-7 days from the moment of purchase. Postage fees to Finland are 2 to 7,90 EUR and to other destinations 10 EUR.

If you can’t find your favorite product in our shop, we welcome your personalized customization and product ideas (copyright restrictions may apply). We apologize that our website is mainly in Finnish at the moment. If you have any questions regarding the products, orders or just anything, please contact us via email. 

20 tuotetta
The Bus Song
alk. €2.50
Kortit vanhemmuuteen
alk. €1.00 €3.00
Mary had a little lamb
alk. €3.90
Family rules
alk. €1.50
I am / Jag är
alk. €10.00
Blinka lilla stjärna
alk. €3.90
Hjulen på bussen
alk. €3.90
Itsy Bitsy Spider
alk. €3.90
Lilla sotarmurre
alk. €3.90
Imse vimse spindel
alk. €3.90
En elefant balanserade
alk. €1.90 €3.90
Små grodorna
alk. €3.90
Gift card
alk. €10.00
Gift card by email
alk. €10.00
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